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Distance Running - Pick the Perfect Running Program For You

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Developer: John Catanach
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** "The Essential Long Distance Running App for 2016" **

-- Packed full of amazing features, you will seriously not want to miss this! --

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Discover How You Can Increase Your Running In A Matter Of A Few Months!

Now, you can implement the same kind of training that runners use to train for marathons, races and other running events! You can steal the strategies that runners use to get to the next level. You will be able to discover the secrets that they use to get to where they are at today.

If your running speed is not up to par, this report, "Distance Running - Pick The Perfect Running Program For YOU!", can help you get up to speed on the level that you need to be at with your running. There are six different running programs that explain how you can do just that, along with other tips that are crucial to your running success.

This could be the most important thing that you will ever read to make those strides that you need to make in your running pursuits.
This report will explain how you can train to be like some of the other runners that are involved in different races and marathons. Before you know it, you will be running in some of the most well known running events and being able to win, just because of the training that you received.

Also You Will Discover...

How eating right can help you while you are training. It is essential that you eat the right kinds of food in order to have the stamina you need to train. You must also have plenty of fluids to keep your body hydrated. There’s nothing worse than not keeping fluids in your system while you are training.
How important it is to have to right kind of running shoes. This report explains how you go about doing that. If you are wearing the wrong kind of shoes, it can affect you while you are training and you won’t get the maximum benefit from it.

How crucial it is to work on preventing injuries. Injuries can slow you down a lot. In fact, they can even be a deterrent on your training. You may have to stop altogether until that part of your body has healed. Even then, you still have to be careful when you are trying to come back and train.
Why stretching and warm-ups are crucial to your training and what could happen if you don’t implement them on a regular basis..

Long Distance Running

"The essential Long Distance Running App for 2015

Packed full of amazing features, you will seriously not want to miss this!

Featuring -

eBook - Distance Running - Pick the Perfect Running Program For You

Fitness Calender, Goal Tracker and Notes Modules

6 Distance Running Video Series

+ Distance Running Techniques
+ Distance Running Breathing
+ Distance Running Training
+ Distance Running Gear
+ Distance Running Benefits
+ Distance Running to Lose Weight

*10 Articles and learn some crazy cool stuff about Distance Running!

+ Breathing Techniques In Running
+ Common Mistakes In Running
+ Common Running Injuries: Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment
+ Dressed Up For Running
+ Fueling Your Running
+ How to Choose The Best Running Shoes
+ How to Stay Motivated with Running
+ Indoor Running
+ List of Important Running Gears and Accessories
+ Losing Weight with Running

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